Bahn camper works. Moving campers into modern construction.

I have been interested in RV's for a long time. Over the years I have noticed they tend to built incredibly cheaply with a few notable exceptions (air streams, certain fiberglass campers, bus conversions). The most common build is basically stick built with sheathing hung on wood framing. you also then have some with aluminum framing. You have also had a number made with fiberglass, much  like how a boat is constructed with a top and bottom section molded and then bolted/sealed together.

One of my personal favorite types of RV is the truck camper. Having a removable living section and a truck to tow some other toy like a boat or ATV seems ideal. One issue these campers have is that weight is a major issue. Pickups have limited payload and truck campers often push the limits of these payloads. These would make them ideal candidates for lightweight composite construction with cored composites. While there are fiberglass camper builders out there making outstanding products they seem to stop short of using the most up to date weight reductions methods available.

Enter Bahn camper works. They are using cored composite panels bonded into a single structure. Which makes for an excellent light weight and long lasting construction. While I don't completely love their layouts and designs it's nice to see some real innovation on the weight and construction of truck campers. Looking forward to see how they move forward. Also to see some more custom designs as they offer bare shells for either custom or DIY builds.

For more information see Bahn Camper works.


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