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Albin 24 ---- For sale CL find

 A little while back I wrote a short intro to the Albin 24 getaway. LINK HERE   Well now I found one for sale here in the North East. The ad states it has the 318 thou it has a knock. Otherwise looks to be in decent shape in the pictures.  Find the listing here on Craigslist

Topic of the Day BCS two wheel tractors

BCS 201 tiller I have a bit of an obsession with multi use items. Sometimes they aren’t very practical but I love a tool or anything else that can do a variety of jobs well. My Leatherman Wave being a good example. Would you use it to rebuild an engine? Nope. Is it incredibly useful to have on your hip doing projects around the house? Yep. Which leads me to todays topic, Two Wheeled tractors and in particular BCS. While browsing Craigs List today, I came across, a BCS rototiller. LINK I have known about BCS tractors for about a decade now and look for them from time to time but they are often well out of budget. This one was cheap so I dug a bit more and determined it was really mostly a rototiller version and not a true two wheel tractor (single rear PTO no reverse and limited controls). I’m pretty sure it’s 201 model but have emailed to confirm. So what is a 2 wheel tractor and how is it different then a regular rototiller? 2 Wheel tractors are pretty much what they sound like. They