Interesting boat Albin 24 Getaway

1990's Albin's why do I like you so much. There just something about the classic but up to date styling, with a good dose of practicality that's just hard to ignore. 

The 24 is an oddball in some respects with a relatively few examples (48) made for a 24 footer. It's basically a scaled down version of the 31-34 foot command bridge models Albin built over the years. Having the raised helm area nets you more cabin in the larger boat.  Here it gets the engine under foot instead of in a box in the cockpit, as would normally be the case on a 24 foot boat with a straight shaft inboard.In actuality the straight shaft is one of the more unusual parts of this boat. While the arrangement was common in the pre stern drive era, it was very uncommon by the early 90's. The only other production cabin boat under 26' with an inboard of the time period I can think of is Shamrock (I'm sure there are others but I'm not going to spend all day finding them). 

In the cabin you had a large U booth style dinette along with an enclosed head, and small galley. None of which is that strange, but then you get to the cockpit mounted fridge and the sailboat style pilot berth alongside the engine and were back to a very original design. The cockpit is clear at the aft end for fishing with a raised helm seat and fore act bench on the port side, which actually makes the cockpit look a bit like later midcabin sterndrive boats. 

For power there was a 235hp Chrysler Marine gas engine (one of the last production boats to use a Chrysler Marine inboard as they were discontinued around 93), a 180hp Mercruiser diesel (that might be tricky parts wise), and a 170hp Yanmar. And again a nice straight shaft to a 18" bronze prop. 

Why do I find this boat so interesting? Mainly the raised bridge concept and the straight shaft inboard arrangement. My unnatural hate for stern-drives means an almost automatic interest in boats like this one. 

Key Info
Length                24'2"
Beam                  8'6"
Draft                   2' 10"
Displacements    5200 lbs
Bride clearance   6'9"
Designer             Terrence Compton
 Years built         Believed to be 1991-1993



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  2. I have one that is for sale in Cortez, FL if you are truly interested in one. My email is and I can send you some photos.

  3. Is the Albin 24 Getaway still available?


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