Friday, February 1, 2019

Interesting boat Carver 325

Sometimes you just find a boat and you have to look into it more.
I happened to be looking thru motor yacht listings one day and came across a Carver 325. The reason it  to me was the swim platform arrangement. Instead of a near vertical transom there was a series of steps in the platform allowing a non climb transition to the area above the aft cabin. Other then that change and some tweaks to the bridge this is the same basic 32' motor yacht Carver offered for a couple decades.
But I like it might be my favorite small motor yacht. The arrangement below with a enormous v shaped dinette really makes it feel like a bigger boat and the berth arrangement in the back while a bit odd is versatile.
Almost all of these are gas powered but diesel was an option.

For a detailed write up the owner of used to own one and has mods and lots of info on his page

For some specs here is the factory info

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