Boat yard on the CT river

I drive by here once in a while and look at what’s left of a small working boat yard along the CT river in Cromwell CT. Based on the old sign it appears it was once called the Adams Henry boat yard. When I first came down here about 10 years ago the track for the marine railway extended across the road into the water. ( the track still appears to be there but the road was paved over a few years back. It appears the boats were winched up the track on a car with custom built cradles. The cradles were then shifted sideways onto the concrete walls in the yard.
 Looks like you could fit a couple dozen 25-35’ boats in there. A neat place for sure. There is a house on the front of the property but I never see any one in the boatyard. I’ve asked around but so far no one seems to know any history on the place. So for now here’s a few pics showing the yard and the rails where the enter the water on the opposite side of the road.


  1. This boatyard belonged to my Great Grandparents until their passing. My Great Grandfather was Claude Adams and he chartered a fishing boat out of New London. I remember playing the boatyard with my Grandfather as a little girl. My Grandfather and i have always shared an immense love for the sea and the CT River. I believe it stems from his father and the fishing boats he had. Please feel free to email me with whatever questions you have.


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