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2022 Nissan Pathfinder

  Earlier in the week, Nissan announced a new Pathfinder coming for 2022 (sales starting this summer). While most of the press release went on to describe what you would expect in a new CUV launch, bigger touch screens, roomier, seats better electronic safety measures, something else caught my attention. According to the release it would be capable of towing 6,000 lbs, which is damn impressive for a FWD based 3-row crossover, I assume this is being helped by the new Transmission. This may be about the highest towing I have ever seen on a FWD chassis but I would need to do more research on it (all the other ones I can think of stop around 5k).    Now my favorite nugget, the press release also said it would be capable of hauling 4x8 sheets of plywood. If that’s with the door closed that would be damn impressive. Right now if you want to do that (with the door closed) your looking at a Suburban or a van (and maybe an Expedition). If it is true that would shrink the line between a minivan

Oddities and Oddballs Chevy Avalanche 2500

If your into cars (well trucks I guess) you likely know that GM offered 2500 versions of the Suburban and Yukon XL. Most of these heavy duty people haulers were bought by government fleets for everything from security to Fire and Police command cars. Whats a little less known is that the open backed Suburban better known as the Avalanche also had a 3/4 ton 2500 version during it’s first generation. Oddly, enough the first (and possibly only) one of these I have seen in person was actually the first Chevy Avalanche I ever saw in person. Back at the time of its release I was working at a marina, and we were having some grounds work done and the owner of the landscaping company showed up in a brand new Avalanche 2500, towing a Bobcat skid steer of all things. I remember  walking up to it thinking that’s an odd load for a new fangled truckUV to be towing. Then I saw the 8 lug wheels and made a mental note to crack open AOL and look it up at home that night. Even thou it’s often r